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Breaking Ground on the Utilitas-ReCarbon Bio-Hydrogen Technology Cluster

The Bio-hydrogen Technology Cluster is located in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Philip Sohn, Head of Global Business Development for ReCarbon, Inc., with Mark O’Shannessey, GM of Utilitas at the Bundaberg bioHub

Utilitas and ReCarbon, Inc. are pleased to announce the establishment of a Bio-hydrogen Technology Cluster at the Bundaberg bioHub in Queensland.

The project sees the collaboration of leading biogas developer Utilitas with California-based ReCarbon, Inc., a commercial carbon emissions utilisation technology company with a novel microwave plasma technology, to convert biogas to renewable hydrogen. The technology cluster sees the rising bio-energy industry intersect with the rapidly growing hydrogen economy, producing emission free energy from organic waste.

With support from Bundaberg Regional Council, the project is an exciting extension of the Bundaberg bioHub, which is aggregating biomass from stakeholders significant to the area.  Further, the project is connecting with key partners in the hydrogen value chain. The companies are excited to see employment and skills diversification in the local economy.

Phase 1 will see the construction of a demonstration plant with hydrogen utilization proposed to the gas grid, and hydrogen mobility applications such as trucks and buses. Phase 2 of the project will be the commercial scale-up with hydrogen powered trains and maritime vessels with the view to export hydrogen to Asia. 

If your company is interested in being a stakeholder in the value chain of the project, please contact fionaw@utilitas.com.au and psohn@recarboninc.com.


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