Casino bioHub

Co-located with an operating STP in NSW, this regional bioHub will augment the existing STP, enabling it to expand.

Biodigesters will treat a percentage of the STP’s primary sludge and the bioHub will generate revenues from selling electricity to the STP and on the local electricity grid.

Utilitas & PVA Joint Media Release

Bundaberg bioHub

The Utilitas and ReCarbon, Inc. project sees the collaboration of leading biogas developer Utilitas with California-based ReCarbon, Inc., a commercial carbon emissions utilisation technology company with a novel microwave plasma technology, to convert biogas to renewable hydrogen. The technology cluster sees the rising bio-energy industry intersect with the rapidly growing hydrogen economy, producing emission free energy from organic waste.

With support from Bundaberg Regional Council, the project is an exciting extension of the Bundaberg bioHub, which is aggregating biomass from stakeholders significant to the area. Further, the project is connecting with key partners in the hydrogen value chain. The companies are excited to see employment and skills diversification in the local economy.

Bundaberg bioHub
AustChina Holdings Congratulates Utilitas

Trash to Transport Fuel

Utilitas is working with QUT, Griffith University and Sunshine Sugar to demonstrate turning sugar cane trash into transport fuel.

The project aims to reduce, if not eliminate entirely the use of fossil fuels in sugar cane production by turning the trash into biomethane and biodiesel.

ARENA has contributed $2.1 million towards the $5.7 million total cost of the project.

Utilising Biogas in Sugarcane