bioHubs process manure, sewage, crop and food processing waste into renewable energy and bioproducts

Utilitas bioHub

Utilitas designs, builds and operates bioHubs.

We engage with large organic waste producers and energy consumers to treat their waste and supply energy (electricity, gas, fuel) at locked in long term pricing.

A Utilitas bioHub is an industrial park focused on renewable natural gas (RNG), biomethane and hydrogen.

A bioHub provides a Multl-Utility Micro-Grid for industrial and commercial tenants a unique blend of laboratory, waste and wastewater services, electricity, gas, C02 and hot water as part of their tenancy.

We provide services to producers who are impacted by electricity price increases and gas supply shortages.

Working with Farmers & Manufacturers

We offer utility service agreements at locked in long term pricing for electricity and gas and help them meet increasing community expectations around waste management, odour and emissions.

This creates new opportunities for farmers and provides a sustainable disposal option for crop and pack house waste.

We also provide a local source of biofertiliser that can replace expensive chemical fertilisers and provide additional benefits to the soil.

We are pursuing certification to international standards for our management systems.

Standards and Approvals

bioHubs operate under strict environmental conditions and licensing. These are set by state government regulations and local council by-laws and permits.

Utilitas has management systems in place and will pursue certification to International Standards as required.